Drive Investment Operations on Autopilot

Let WealthSpectrum do heavy lifting with data, enabling you to navigate investment portfolios with ease and precision. Make smart investment decisions with advanced analytics and actionable insights.

$300B+ assets managed on WealthSpectrum

Serving over 250 investment and wealth managers with 19 years of track record.


All-in-one Integrated Front, Mid and Back office

All-in-one Integrated software makes a difference

  • Reduce duplication of efforts, Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Reduce communication overheads by reflecting data changes in consistently across users
  • Enhance customer experience by providing access to customer data quickly and easily
  • Improve compliance and reduce the risk of errors or regulatory violations.
WealthSpectrum can help you achieve greater efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the customer experience by streamlining operations.

WealthSpectrum can be deployed in cloud or on-premise with out of the box integration and security features.


Cloud ready with flexible deployment options - on premise, managed cloud and private cloud.


Enterprise grade security features - SSO, MFA and IP whitelisting.


API integrations with CRM, Client Onboarding Systems and Execution Platforms.




Investment Managers


Years in Production